Office in a Box

Tactile's Office-in-a-Box offers an all encompassing solution to any new start or small business looking to bring their office into the digital world and save money at the same time! Take advantage of our VoIP telephone systems, giving flexibility whilst reducing call cost. Our Intranet software enables instant communication across all your offices with instant chat facilities, file-sharing...

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Website Design & Development

Are you making money and generating leads from your website? If not, why not? We hear far too often when speaking to potential customers “I don’t need to buy a new website, I never got any business from the old one”.

An alarming statement, but when they take the plunge with a Tactile website they soon discover the value of a properly performing digital marketing solu...

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TactileMeet Video Meetings

Working from home? The ideal way to emulate your office environment wherever your team may be working from. Log in to chat in the open video office with the whole team or run private meetings 1 to 1.

TactileMeet is a secure, private, fast and feature packed Video Conferencing tool to enable businesses to stay in touch with staff, colleagues and customers alike. Enjoy high quality...

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TactileCRM (CRM with Integrated Accounts)

TactileCRM is the all-in-one Customer Relationship Management solution to Sales, Customer Management, Accounting and Bookkeeping.

Work smarter and create more time to focus on your business. Spend less time entering data into multiple applications while keeping track of Sales, Customer Relationships, Projects and Accounts with one simple, intuitive Customer Relationship Mana...

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Tactile Intranet

Link all our different offerings together in TactileIntranet - the hub for your office. Manage and monitor staff using our Intranet tools whilst dramatically improving communication with our TactileChat instant messaging and TactileMeet video technology. Work from home or even in another country whilst still feeling like you're in the office and ensure your staff keep up with the latest new...

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IT Support

The digital world is fantastic when everything is working as it should. But how frustrating do things become when your computer goes wrong? On top of our 24/7 support for all our web and software, we can also support all the hardware and network infratructure in your office - as well as your staff. We don't run formal e-mail tickets that cause more frustration and annoyance - we focus on be...

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If you're looking for more control over your office telephony whilst reducing your phone bill at the same time, our VoIP phone service is a great option for all small to medium-sized businesses. With high call quality, feature-rich phones and management software, you can have full control over how your phones work both in, and out of the office.


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Tactile Window (Interactive Touch Display System)

The TactileWindow is an interactive touch display system designed to draw attention, create interest and capture customer information whilst providing 24/7 access to your product or service information, even when your premises are closed. 

This is beyond digital signage, this is about providing a fully interactive experience to your customers, enabling you to deliver all the info...

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Tactile Shop (Refits and Fitouts)

TactileShop is a service designed around you. Our main focus is to alleviate all the stress and headache involved in refurbishing your existing premises, or creating a fitout in a new one. With our expert advice, combined with our IT & telephony knowledge and proven tradesmen, we can turn your dream retail space into reality quickly and easily.

We have experience in office re...

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Graphic Design

A big part of bringing websites and software to life is the look and feel of them. The same applies to your brand. We are well versed in compelte re-brands, companies looking for a starting point or looking to update their existing image. With logo, business cards, flyers, shop & vehicle signage to compliment our bespoke animations and videos for web & digital marketing, we can take car...

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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications have been one of the fastest growing customer access mediums in recent years, so it's time for us all to get involved. No longer are they restricted to the large national corporations. Local shops, businesses and even individuals can all benefit from Mobile Apps. Whether it's a Web-App to upload pictures direct to your website with one touch or a full iOS Application...

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