Phone systems tailored for you


To begin with, we liaise with your company with regards to the whats needed, this'll tend to vary with the size and type of your organisation.


We configure all of the phone systems in-house, this includes testing and preparation for distribution.


We then distribute this system within your organisation, training users as we go to ensure you get the best out of your investment.


What is it?

Telephony is the use of telephones to transmit your voice to another location. We use the latest VOIP technologies with our telephone systems, this is commonly referred to as IP telephone systems. Our systems work by connecting all phones to a PBX server local to your company which enables benefits such as free calling to other phones within the network and call recording.

Why is it needed?

Phone systems are an essential for any company, whether its just to make phone calls within the walls of your company, or even if its to make nationwide calls to customers. They enable you as a company to grow and communicate with the outside world, they unlock new opportunities and can help you spark more interest towards your company. They enable you to instantly contact anybody within your organisation, for free, meaning you no longer have to get up from your desk and go and talk to people.

Why us?

We can ensure you have the right phone systems in place to suit the needs of your business and make sure that they run smoothly to deliver the professional, effective service your clients will expect. Our systems will also help you manage and monitor the system to guarantee you are always getting the best out of it and your staff. On top of this, we are a friendly, down to earth company that actually understand what we are talking about, meaning that if an issue does arise, not only will we know how to fix it but we can give you the answers you want and explain the issue to you, before working alongside you to ensure that particular problem doesn't arise again.

High security

We have multiple security measures to protect against unauthorised use of our business phone services, this will help prevent occurrences such as fraud.

High quality calls

We route calls by connecting directly to UK carriers, so you can talk clearly over high quality connections using HD voice technologies.

High service availability

Keeping crackling and disturbance off of your calls, allowing for a clearer connection.