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Who we are

We are an IT Solutions & Digital Marketing Company based in Norfolk. We have a desire to deliver the best and only the best, mixed with a disliking of unresponsive websites, bad designs and even just unfriendly software.

Why us?


For a start, we don't need or expect you to have IT / marketing knowledge and experience. After all, that's our job! If you do, that’s great and we’ll work with you to realise your plans, but if it’s all mumbo jumbo to you we’ll help you develop your strategy and ensure you understand how your investment is working for you. And if there's something you don't understand or simply want more information about, we're more than happy to explain and unravel the mysteries, over a cup of coffee of course.

We listen to you. Whilst we're sure to have lots of fantastic ideas to help improve your website, brand, or business as a whole, we know you do too. Between us we'll create something which not only enhances your company's image, but also integrates the core philosophies and beliefs you and your business have.


At Tactile Solutions, our key aim is to provide you solutions that simplify the complexity within commercial IT Systems with easy to use solutions that are fluent, intuitive, fun and effective.

Our goal is to improve the speed and ease of day-to-day working within your business. This all comes down to simple things like communicating with colleagues, whether they're in the next room, another city, or even another country or sharing information across the entire business. Intelligent yet intuitive systems will make even the most complicated jobs easy too!

We aim to achieve this by creating our solutions from the outset with the user in mind. By removing all the clutter and leaving you with what you want to see, when you want to see it. We take away the strain and frustrations caused by the systems that you feel you have to fight to get to the results you want, leaving you with fun, easy and simple solutions that require less learning time.