Tailored solutions for your business


All software is unique in its own little way, it therefore deserves its own unique design.


We develop all software in-house, meaning we know exactly how it works. This acts as an advantage if you want additional features adding at a later date.


Our software usually remains local on your company's network, particularly with items such as intranet systems or phone systems.

What we currently offer

Intranet systems

We have created our own easy-to-use intelligent desktop Intranet System, with the ability to integrate with your Intranet Systems. This will enable you to put your staff ahead of the rest of the industry by giving them information they require instantly and allowing them to communicate both internally and externally with staff, clients and suppliers.

Human resources and customer relationship management systems

We offer a variety of different HR and CRM systems to all customers. These are used to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers.

Where is the advantage?

Quite often we get asked the same question, where is the advantage of using an internal intranet system? Well, the answer is simple really. How often have you spent on the phones at your office trying to get hold of a colleague? How many times have you ended up on hold because that person is on another phone call with a customer or another colleague? How much time have you wasted walking around the building, phoning around looking for company documents or suchlike? Well, our reports suggest that typically staff waste about 30% of their time doing everything we have just mentioned, 30% of their time they spend away from their work getting frustrated.

With the Tactile Intranet you will no longer have any of these issues, with the ability to message anybody instantly and access the evolving information base regardless of location, time wasting and frustration will very quickly become things of the past. Read our features section below to see what other features we include within our intranet systems as a standard.


Cost effective

With all of our software solutions, you will save more than it costs with increased productivity and saved space.

Space saving

With a software solution in place, you can upload all company documents and knowledge allowing not only for all your information to be instantly accessible throughout the entire company, but a huge reduction of storage space used.

Time saving

With features such as Instant Messaging you can contact anybody in the office immediately, you can also access and search through all company documents and knowledge instantly. This will save time finding both people and information.

Evolving information base

With this feature, you can upload all company documents to your software solution, allowing for all information to be instantly accessible no matter where you are in the company. This information can be filtered into a variety of categories.


Regardless of where we host the system, it can only be accessed by you and your staff. This keeps out nasty people who want to steal or alter company documents.

Increased productivity

With more space and instantly accessible resources your employees are going to be able to get on with their work more efficiently, meaning that your company is bound to be more productive.

Staff morale

By delivering a more efficient system, your staff will be able to get on with there work and feel more engaged, with no frustration! In turn, staff morale will increase, making the working environment a happier place.

Modernising your company

With everything stored in a virtual place and introducing technology into the day-to-day workplace, nobody will be able to argue the fact that you're a technologically advanced company.

Accessible from anywhere

Using the latest VPN technologies we can grant you a private highway into your intranet, no matter where you are! This means you can always access information and message staff even if you aren't in. Don't worry though, this doesn't breach the security.

And much, much more...

The contents of an intranet are only limited by your imagination.

Additional features

Instant messaging

As briefly mentioned above, we as a standard put in an instant messenger into all of our intranet systems, allowing communication between all employees. This allows different departments to communicate without having to walk around the building. Conversation recording/logging can be added to help discourage workplace misconduct alongside filters picking up specific keywords to prevent the use of foul language.


We can integrate with any existing intranet system you may currently have in place, whether it be the style or the information you want to bring across to the new system, we will work alongside you to ensure that you get the result you desire.

Extranet systems

We offer to go the step further for companies that need it by converting our intranets into extranets, meaning they can be accessed from external parties such as the companies partners. Allowing for a web based login to view company statistics and other documents.

Live intranet example.

Get a taste of our system before you make any commitment, try out our free to use intranet system trial here. Complete with CRM, HR and even live chat tools.

This feature is coming soon.