Distinct Building Limited

Distinct wanted a website that was simple, a website that wouldn't confuse, a website that just worked. The website also had to support the uploading of Distinct's work including large images and small paragraphs. The work then had to be filtered into an array of categories on a portfolio page.

We created a simplistic website, that is easy to use. Completed with floating logos review sections and of course the portfolio, the website completely scales to the device the you are using.

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Pyramis Insurance Platform

Pyramis wanted a professional looking website with some modern, flashy animations. They needed something that they could upload their PDF documents to. They also wanted to use our Instant Website Creator to create their brokers websites of which would continue to advertise the company and provide access to their public documents.

We provided a bespoke, professional looking website with bouncing icons and other little gimmicks to make it stand out. We completed the website with a back end document up loader that supported all necessary formats. We then enabled them to use the instant website creator on their website, meaning they could create websites for their staff/contractors.

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Casero Villas

Casero Villas wanted a website to advertise holiday villas worldwide. The website needed to look good and professional. The site also needed to support new villas being uploaded. It was specified however that we were not to automate the booking process, which otherwise we would have done. Instead they wanted to make the website more customer focused so the staff would get the opportunity to talk to customers before letting the villas.

In the end we presented a beautiful, modern yet professional website which is very easy to use and navigate. Completed with lots of sliding animations and a custom photo viewer.

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Britannia Blinds

Britannia Blinds wanted a website that they could advertise a large quantity of stock on, alongside a portfolio of some of the blinds they had fitted. The website had to be supported on mobile devices and it had to maintain a good looking style.

The website was produced, enabling Britannia to advertise all of their stock and upload to their portfolio. A mobile site was also produced, this was completed with a consistent good looking style.

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Jack Tritton

Jack wanted a blog type website to help him raise money and awareness for a lifetime opportunity. The website had to allow him to upload pictures to a gallery, alongside text and other information to a variety of different areas.

The end result was a modernistic, sleek website that is easy and fun to use. Completed with a full screen video for a background and a contact form.

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My Minions

My Minions also wanted a simplistic website that they could upload their work through, they also wanted the ability for customers to be able to contact them through an online form.

We met all of their needs, creating an easily navigable website with a fully functioning portfolio/gallery and a contact form. This was whilst maintaining a clean look that suited their business.

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